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Sutherland + Park = S'Park

S'PARK is an entirely new neighborhood coming to the heart of Boulder in early 2019, bringing genuine community and tapped potential to Sutherland Park and Boulder Junction. It’s all built on the notion that retail, office, and residential spaces work best when they can coexist and collaborate. So whether you’re looking for a place to call home, build a business, or simply unwind, consider this an open invitation to take part in Boulder’s most connected community ever.

S'Park Events
& Happenings
S'Park Events
& Happenings
September 16th
Market Exterior Complete
With much anticipation, the exterior of the Market building is 99% complete. Designed by Worksbureau Architecture, we are super excited about this building’s provocative massing and design statement. It is a fitting gateway to S’PARK’s innovative design, architecture, and culture.
July 5th
Timber Parking Garage
Timber parking garage is complete and the apartments are now being framed. Timber’s garage will house 280 car parking spaces and 286 bike parking spaces. More pics to come soon as each floor gets framed!
April 21st
S’PARKwest complete
S’PARKwest is now 100% complete and 100% leased-up. 45 units of permanently affordable townhomes and flats. We are so excited to bring these to Boulder and S’PARK. With the quick lease-up, clearly the residents are just as excited as well. Maybe it’s because of the 100% renewable energy from the PV system on the roof.
February 2nd
The Market Building
The Market building is framed up and being dried-in. It actually looks pretty good in yellow, but fortunately/unfortunately the building will ultimately be wood, glass and metal. Stay tuned for more Market updates. Here’s the progress shot with the Timber crane in the foreground.
January 20th
S’PARK24 well underway
S’PARK’s “for sale” portion of townhomes is almost completely framed up. We can’t wait to see the view from all of those rooftop decks when complete later this year. Make sure to check out the new sales website. Renderings are complete.
December 12th
S’PARKwest is coming along really nicely. Here’s a great interiors progress photo showing off our amazing views from S’PARK. These should be complete next spring and ready for new residents.
September 21st
S’PARK celebration ceremony
John Buck Company’s Justin Parr and Element Properties’ Scott Holton welcomed members of the community sharing S’PARK’s schedule, highlights, and aspirations. Buckle up for a lot of change over the next couple years!

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